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Indian Defence NewsThe latest observation of the law ministry of India regarding the birth date of Gen. VK Singh puts their defense ministry in quite a cumbersome situation. His birth date demonstrate that he must retire by May 31, 2012 instead of on May 31, 2013. That is because the actual age of Gen. VK Singh is really May 10, 1950 and never per year after. Gen. VK Singh has 2 dates of birth in his army records but although he had been commissioned since 1970 inside the army, it turned out just in the year of 2006 the military had asked Gen. Singh about his 2 records of birth.

However the Chinese did not prolong the war, as India begun to develop muscle with the help of the United States. Thus for a length the Indian Army may be busy building up its strike capability. This has now reached some degree of preparedness, with the raising of two new infantry mountain divisions. Also India has raised a battalion of Arunachal scouts through the local tribes. The 4000Km long border is thus further reinforced by the Indian Army.

The Eastern Command is at existence, however the IAF never performed any exercises for hill attacks and operations. All the exercises were accomplished for operations within the plains. This is tough to stomach now along with the role of successive Air Chiefs from Air Marshal S Mukherjee down wards needs evaluation. The IAF has not been conditioned for almost any kind of operation inside hills and the heights of the Himalayas. However the IAF was combat ready for operations in the plains. Thus once the PLA moved in a logical corollary would have been to make use of the IAF as being a ground support to blunt the Chinese offensive. This however didn’t happen and the Army fought it’s battle without Air Support. Thus the cardinal principle of Douhet was thrown on the winds.

The British shipped Indian troops from India to crush the boxer rebellion. The Indian regiments made their strategy to the foreign quarter at hand to hand fighting on Aug 04, 1900. Some troops utilized the Imperial sewage canals to arrive at the foreign quarter. The siege was lifted by the Indian relief force that numbered 3000 soldiers, composed mainly from the Sikh and Punjab regiments. After the lifting with the siege Indian troops were also accustomed to guard the churches and foreign missionaries who were the key target from the Boxer uprising. By all accounts the Punjab and Sikh soldiers acquitted themselves honorably in these battles and duties. The British Indian army also looted a sizable bell from Peking’s Temple of Heaven and took it to India. The same bell was returned from the Indian army to China in 1994.

There are other matters how the UPA government appears to be confused with as well. The reason is mainly because of the possible lack of making decisions that is profound along with the defence ministry’s actions are shrouded with secrecy. It’s not even clear why the difficulty was even raised in any way. It’s been said how the basis for the motion was because of the RTI enquire that were sent up to the defence ministry but this enquiry’s submissions are not given public. The RTI is, at but the, disposing relevant info to applicants who are due to the option to raise the issue to court as well as to official channels when they want on the cornerstone of use of information. The defence ministry is going to the mode of creating corrections where it isn’t even required. They needs to have just given RTI applicants the facts and place the problem to relax. There shouldn’t are already any reason the defence ministry had to rake up such an issue if this should are already resolved just before the appointment. This is causing harm both for that functioning and the morale from the army. They are humans with emotions plus they are not going to handle the suspense which doesn’t appear to end. The credibility loss of India towards the circle of international defence has already been immeasurable. They’ve been a laughing stock within the arena of other countries. The only pros for this though is that those who are affected had remained to be quiet regarding the situation thus there had been no media circus whether there are claims or counter claims about the matter. But this patience won’t be imminent in the event when the DoB will be changed which will almost certainly be a tremendous embarrassment to the country and its government. The defence ministry doesn’t simply have a worry in regards to the age with the chief but they’re also intrigued due to the delay in the promotion approval for Lt. General from the latest batch of contenders which made several posts vacant for months. Even a police officer who is to take the position of Army commander is currently in the shadows and cannot continue work as an effect of this lopsided policy. His post was presented with to your newly commissioned officer and the man ought to be appointed afterwards because the Army Commander but that position is still occupied and will be retiring inside a month. The result, this senior officer in the Indian army is merely wasting time the game of golf while there is no help him yet. The defence ministry needs to do a little work to clear these issues to avoid them from being the laughing stock of numerous countries on an even longer time.

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